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For couples looking for women into threesomes on OkFun.png

Couples Looking for Women Online on OkFun

Couples Looking for Women Online on OkFun

For couples looking for women to join them in bed, it is a wonderful threesome date to spice life up for couples. With the growth of the internet thousands of couples are looking for a third woman to join them in threesomes and couples looking for a woman have become more and more popular and lots of couples and women who are loving threesomes are exploring. OkFun is an online dating app for singles and couples and also provides a safe and open dating platform for couples looking for a third woman to spice up their sexual life. We are committed to helping couples who are from all over the world find a third woman, whether you are in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England, or Belgium.

Unique features for couples looking for women for threesomes

We have over 10 unique features to help couples find a woman or girlfriend including "Flame", "Advanced Search", "Feed", "Browse", etc. dating platforms.

Flame: Flame is our main feature providing algorithmic matches for couples looking for women. When couples enter our app, fill in their information and complete some basic information and preferences for the third woman couples want to find (such as gender, age, height, weight, location, etc.). Next, you can view their profiles in Flame, and swipe left and right to choose whether you like or dislike the women we recommend to you who also like to find couples and start threesomes.

Advanced Search: If you don't like the third woman we recommended on Flame, you can use Advanced Search to find the woman you as a couple would like to add to your threesome. Advanced search can filter all conditions, including location, gender, age, height, distance from you, etc.

Feed: Feed is a collection of all users who like to send their sexy photos, activities, etc. on our app. Couples can find a girl they like here and send her a message expressing their desire to explore threesome. You as a couple can also post your photos here and expect girls to contact you.

How Couples Start Looking for a Girl on the OkFun App

On OkFun, it is very simple for couples to start looking for a girl. First, you need to download our app on Google Play. Then it only takes 2 minutes. You only need to prepare your email and password, and fill in the basic information and what you are looking for. Third woman's information, after successfully verifying your email, you can find girls for couples on our app for free.

Becoming an OkFun member makes it easier for couples to find girls

Why we recommend you to become our gold member When a couple is looking for a third woman, although you are able to find the perfect third woman to join threesomes, if you are looking for a woman or girlfriend for the first time and don't have much time to wait, it is important to join our gold membership Yes, because after becoming our gold member, we will recommend your profile to more matches who are also willing to join couples for threesomes through the feature of Boost. This can help them save time when couples are looking for women.


Get started now and download the OkFun App for free to find women for couples! ! ! We look forward to having you join us.

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