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What Turns Men On? 17 Things That Will Get Him Crazy

what turns men on

Understanding what turns men on can be a powerful tool to enhance your romantic relationships and create a passionate and fulfilling connection with your partner. While it is important to recognize that every man is unique and has individual preferences, there are certain common factors that tend to arouse and attract most men. In this article, we will explore 17 things that can turn men on and make them go crazy for you.

17 Things To Turn Men On and Make Them Go Crazy for You

1. Put on Sexy Clothes

put on sexy clothes to turn men on

One of the most straightforward ways to turn a guy on is by putting on sexy clothes. Whether it's a slinky dress, a lacy lingerie set, or revealing attire, wearing something seductive can ignite desire and increase sexual attraction. The anticipation and visual appeal can make a man's heart race and set the mood for an intimate encounter.

2. Watch Erotic Movies

Watching erotic movies together can be a turn-on for many men. It can create a sense of fantasy and stimulation, allowing both partners to explore new ideas, techniques, and scenarios. It can also serve as a starting point for conversations about desires and fantasies, leading to increased intimacy and understanding.

3. Red-themed Hotel

Creating a romantic atmosphere with a red-themed hotel room can be a major turn-on for men. The color red is often associated with passion, desire, and excitement. Booking a suite with red accents, dim lighting, and plush surroundings can create an alluring and intimate space that amplifies the romantic and sexual energy between you and your partner.

4. Inadvertently Touching Sensitive Areas

Subtle touches in sensitive areas can be highly arousing for men. Lightly brushing your hand against his thigh, gently running your fingers through his hair, or softly tracing his lips can send shivers down his spine and make him crave more physical contact. These innocent yet tantalizing gestures can heighten the sexual tension and leave him longing for your touch.

5. Create a Romantic Scene

Setting up a romantic scene can turn a guy on and make him crazy for you. Dimming the lights, decorating with candles, playing soft music, and scattering rose petals can create an intimate and sensual ambiance. This romantic gesture shows your effort to create a special experience, making him feel desired and appreciated.

6. Take a Shower Together

Taking a shower together can be an intimate and erotic experience for couples. The physical closeness, warm water, and steam create a sensual setting that can arouse both partners. The act of washing each other's bodies and exploring each other's erogenous zones can intensify desire and create a deeper sense of connection.

7. Compliment His Figure

Men are not immune to the desire for physical compliments. Making sincere comments about his physique can boost his self-esteem and make him feel desired. Compliment his muscles, admire his physique, and let him know that you find him attractive. Your genuine admiration can fuel his confidence and drive him wild with desire.

8. Surprise Him with Fantasy Scenarios

Surprise your partner with fantasy scenarios that cater to his desires and turn-ons. Whether it's role-playing, dressing up as his favorite character, or acting out a shared fantasy, indulging in his fantasies can create an intensely erotic experience that will make him go crazy with excitement. Open communication and consent are essential in exploring this territory.

9. Share Intimate Fantasies and Desires

Engage in open conversations about your intimate fantasies and desires. Sharing your deepest thoughts and desires can create a strong emotional bond and increase the trust and connection between partners. Discussing these fantasies and finding ways to fulfill them together can bring you closer and fuel the flames of passion.

10. Confidence in the Bedroom

Confidence and comfort in the bedroom are key to turning a man on. Expressing your desires, being open to exploring fantasies, and being willing to take the lead can greatly arouse men. Sexual confidence and communication can create an electrifying and satisfying sexual experience for both partners.

11. Experiment with New Techniques

Exploring new techniques and creating variety in the bedroom can be highly arousing for men. Trying out different positions, incorporating toys or props, or experimenting with sensory play can ignite their desire and make the experience more exciting. Being open to new experiences and willing to explore together can keep the passion alive.

12. Initiating Physical Contact

Taking the initiative and initiating physical contact can be a powerful turn-on for men. Whether it's a passionate kiss, a playful touch, or a warm embrace, showing your desire through physical gestures can create a strong connection and leave him wanting more. Men appreciate feeling desired and pursued just as much as women do.

13. Flirting and Seductive Eye Contact

Flirt to turn a guy one

Flirting and seductive eye contact can create intense sexual tension and make a man go crazy with desire. Locking eyes with him from across the room, giving him a sultry smile, and engaging in playful teasing can stimulate his imagination and create an irresistible magnetic pull between you.

14. Surprise Him with Little Gestures

Surprising your partner with little gestures of affection and appreciation can turn him on and make him feel loved. Leaving a sexy note in his pocket, planning a surprise date night, or bringing him his favorite treat can ignite feelings of desire and show that you are thinking of him intimately. These thoughtful gestures can go a long way in maintaining a passionate connection.

15. Engage in Pillow Talk

Pillow talk – intimate conversations after sex – can create an emotional and sexual connection that turns men on. Share your deepest thoughts, desires, and feelings with your partner in these vulnerable moments. The emotional intimacy established through pillow talk can intensify the physical attraction and make a man crave further connection.

16. Embrace Your Sensuality

Embracing your sensuality and expressing it confidently can be immensely attractive to men. Allow yourself to feel pleasure, explore your desires, and communicate your needs. Men appreciate partners who are comfortable with their sexuality and show enthusiasm and enjoyment in the bedroom.

17. Be Playful and Adventurous

Men are often captivated by women who are adventurous and open to new experiences. Embrace a playful and spontaneous attitude, be open to trying new activities, and engage in teasing and playful banter. This sense of adventure creates excitement and ignites the spark of desire between partners.

The End of What Turns Men On

Understanding what turns men on is a combination of both understanding their individual preferences and embracing common factors that tend to arouse most men. The 17 things discussed in this article, from wearing sexy clothes to exploring fantasies together, can all turn a guy on and make him go crazy with desire. However, it is important to remember that open communication, consent, and genuine emotional connection are crucial in maintaining a healthy and passionate relationship. By paying attention to these factors, you can create a fulfilling and passionate connection with your partner.



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