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The Ultimate Guide to Couple Swap

couple swap
Couple Swap

Couple swap, also known as partner swapping or swinging, refers to the practice of committed couples engaging in sexual activities with other couples. It involves couple swapping partners or having group sex. This lifestyle dates back centuries, with writings referencing wife swapping in some tribal cultures. It became more widespread in Western culture during the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, couple swap is a common practice in sex culture. Estimates vary, but somewhere between 2-4% of adults in Western countries have participated in some form of consensual non-monogamy, like swinging, during their lifetime. 

Couple swap is not an easy thing for those who are a new couple or a husband who wants to swap his wife for the first time, costs too much time and money but no result. Fortunately, we have lots of experts on OkFun and the experts will tell you the ultimate guides on couples swap with other couples to have sex.

What’s and kinds of couple swap

The definition of a couple swap

Couple Swap is a couple having sex with another couple, it could be that a husband swaps his wife with another couple or a couple swap with many couples.

The kinds of couple swap

1. Soft Swapping vs Full Swapping

Soft swapping involves couples exchanging partners for sexual activities like kissing, fondling, and oral sex, but not full intercourse. It allows couples to explore being intimate with someone new while setting boundaries.

Full swapping refers to when couples exchange partners and engage in penetrative sex. This is considered going all the way in swinging.

2. Group Sex

Group sex is when three or more people actively participate in sex together. This could involve a threesome or more people having sex in the same room. Group sex often happens at swinging parties or clubs.

3. Wife Swapping

Wife Swapping
Wife Swapping

As the name implies, wife swapping involves two couples trading female partners for sexual activities. The women engage with the other's husband while their own husbands also have sex with the other wife.

What’s the benefit of engaging in couple swapping

The prevalence of swinging suggests that some couples pursue this to add excitement and novelty to their sex lives. They view it as a recreational social activity and strive to avoid emotional attachments with other partners. Swinging allows couples to experience sexual variety while retaining the emotional connection they share.

1. Explore the diversity of sexual experiences

One of the primary benefits of couple swapping is the ability to explore a diversity of sexual experiences. Swapping partners with another couple can help break monotony in the bedroom and provide an opportunity to engage in sexual activities with like-minded couples. 

2. Couple swap can solve sexual problems between yourself and your partner.

Engaging in couples swapping can also address potential sexual problems between you and your partner. Many couples find themselves struggling with mismatched libidos or sexual dissatisfaction, leading to frustration and tension in the relationship. Couple swap can help break down barriers and provide new opportunities for exploring desires and reconnecting with your partner.

3. Save marriage and improve marriage quality

Surprisingly, couple swapping can strengthen the bond between partners and improve the quality of a marriage. Engaging in sexual activity together can help build trust, communication, and intimacy. By sharing a new experience and exploring each other's boundaries, couples may find themselves closer and more connected to their partner than ever before.

Guide your partner step by step to have a couple swap

Start Couple Swap
Start Couple Swap Step by Step

1. Explore sex positions with your partner

Before broaching the topic of couple swap, it's a good idea to explore different sex positions and activities with your partner. This helps establish a strong foundation of intimacy and trust while adding variety to your own sexual experiences. It also provides a platform for discussing your desires and fantasies, making the conversation about couple swap more natural.

2. Watch the erotic film of couple swap with your partner

Watching erotic films featuring couple swap can be a non-confrontational way to broach the subject. It allows both partners to observe the dynamics and sensations associated with couple swap without immediate involvement. Use this opportunity to have open and honest conversations about the potential appeal or concerns that may arise.

3. Try to visit some couple swap forum sites

Couple swap forum sites can provide a wealth of information and personal experiences from other couples engaging in this lifestyle. Explore these platforms together, paying attention to the stories and perspectives shared. This can help normalize the idea of couple swap and spark further conversations between you and your partner about the lifestyle.

4. Send some real couple swapping cases to your partner

Sharing real-life couple swapping case studies or stories can help alleviate concerns and provide reassurance that many couples embark on this journey successfully. Choose cases that highlight positive experiences, emphasize open communication, and prioritize the emotional well-being of all involved parties.

5. Find real couples in life and let your partner connect with them

Suggest attending lifestyle events or parties where you can meet other couples interested in couple swapping. Encourage your partner to take the lead in initiating connections and conversations. This way, they can feel more in control of the process and have the opportunity to set boundaries and expectations from the beginning.

6. Preparing for a couple swap

Once you and your partner have decided to explore couple swap, it's essential to prepare together. Discuss boundaries, rules, and expectations regarding safety, emotional well-being, and communication with potential partners. This preparation ensures that both partners feel secure and comfortable before engaging in any swapping experiences.

7. Start couple swapping successfully

When engaging in your first couple swap, prioritize open communication, consent, and respect. Establish clear guidelines with all parties involved, focusing on the emotional well-being of everyone. Regularly check in with your partner during and after the experience to address any concerns and maintain a healthy dynamic.

Where to find couple swap with other couples to have sex

There are lots of places to find other couples to have sex with you and your partner and start couple swapping, here we enlist through general sites and clubs for couples swapping and you can choose the best one to join and find the right couples to have sex.

1. Online couple swap dating sites & apps

online sites and apps for couple swapping
Online sites and apps for couple swapping

Online couple swap dating sites provide a safe and discreet platform for couple swap to find other couples to have sex. Couple swap websites and apps such as AdultFriendFinder, ThirdFun, OkFun, SwingLifestyle, Feeld, 3Fun, and Swinger Zone Central provide a space for couples to create profiles, interact with others, and potentially arrange couple swap for you and your partner. These couple swap dating platforms often include features to filter and search for couples based on location, preferences, and interests, helping you find the right couples to have couple swapping or wife swapping.

2. Local swinger clubs

Local swinger clubs for couples swapping
Local swinger clubs for couple swap

Swinger clubs or lifestyle clubs are physical venues where couples gather to socialize and explore their sexuality. These clubs offer a safe and consensual environment for couple swap. Many clubs organize events and parties specifically dedicated to couple swap, allowing you to connect with other like-minded individuals in person. Here we list the main cities’ swinger clubs:

2 Lips 4 Me (Los Angeles, CA)

Club Dark Magic (California, CA)

Primal Pleasures (Los Gatos, CA)

Miami Velvet (Miami, FL)

Rooftop Resort (Hollywood, FL)

Mountain Creek Grove (Cleveland, GA)

Swinglanta (Atlanta, GA)

Invite Only (Chicago, IL)

Veronica’s Villa (New Orleans, LA)

Risque Estate (Las Vegas, NV)

Swinger Circle (Las Vegas, NV)

3. Social sites for couple swapping

There are social networking platforms specifically designed for couples interested in swapping. Sites like SDC (Swingers Date Club), Kasidie, r/SwingerCouplesGW/, r/Swingers/ and r/SwingerNewbies/ provide a community atmosphere where couples can connect, share experiences, and arrange meetups. These sites often offer forums, groups, and live chat features that facilitate engaging with other couples in the lifestyle.

4. Classified sites

While classified sites like Doublelist, Oodle may have been used in the past to find couples for swapping, they can be risky due to a lack of verification and safety protocols. It is crucial to exercise caution when using platforms like Craigslist and to thoroughly vet potential partners to ensure your safety and compatibility. It's recommended to use more specialized platforms designed explicitly for open relationships.

Tips for couple swapping

The basics of couple swapping are that couples engage in sex with other couples, with full knowledge, consent and approval from their partners. This is done to experience new things, live out fantasies, and indulge sexual curiosity in a safe environment. Those who swing emphasize open communication, trust, and setting ground rules to make it work.

1. Choose the right couples to have sex with yourself and your partners

When considering swapping with other couples, it’s essential to prioritize compatibility and mutual attraction. Take the time to get to know potential partners and ensure that there is a genuine connection and shared interests. Establishing a strong rapport with the other couple can help create a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all involved.

2. Setting boundaries for couple swapping

Setting boundaries for couples swapping
Setting boundaries for couple swapping

Before engaging in couple swapping, both you and your partner, as well as the other couple, should set clear boundaries. These boundaries may include specifying sexual activities, communication preferences, and expectations for the experience. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page and respects the established boundaries is crucial for positive and respectful couple swapping partners.

3. Two couples must respect each other

Respect is the cornerstone of successful couple swap. All parties involved should demonstrate respect for each other’s boundaries, choices, and feelings. For example, after a couple swapping, do not touch another man’s wife or do not joke with other couples. 

4. Accept failure

Accept failure of couple swapping
Accept failure of couple swapping

It's important to acknowledge that not all couple swapping experiences may unfold as anticipated. Accepting the possibility of a less-than-ideal encounter can help manage expectations and provide room for growth and learning. Be prepared to communicate openly with your partner and the other couple in the event that the experience does not meet everyone's expectations.

5. Accept the gap

It's common for one partner to have a more profound connection or a different experience than the other during couple swapping. Understanding and accepting this discrepancy is essential. Communicate openly about individual feelings and experiences, allowing for mutual understanding and support.

6. Considering a second couple swap

After engaging in your first couple swap, if both you and your partner are open to further exploration, consider the possibility of a second couple swap. Reflect on the first experience, share your thoughts and feelings, and openly discuss whether you both feel comfortable and ready for another encounter. Approach subsequent swaps with the insights gained from the initial experience to enhance future encounters.


In short, couple swapping is not a very easy thing. There are many things you need to consider, such as how to convince your wife or husband to engage in couple swapping, where to find another couple to start the event, and what to do during the couple swapping process. Things to pay attention to, etc. I believe that after reading our couple exchange guide, you will be able to successfully start your couple exchange. If there is anything you need us to add, you can tell us through the comments. Thank you very much for reading.



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